What Would Happen If I Named My Kid...Jamie

Like Jamie from Small Wonder, Jamie Baker from the Ottawa Senators, Jamie Foxx, or Jamie from the Real World.

Let's see:

No picture for Jamie Baker, but I always made fun of kid in my class because I thought he would look like this random player named Jamie Baker for the Ottawa Senators in my video game NHL 94.

Well, for the lack of a better term, that kid looked like a wanker.

Jamie from the Real World was kind of forgotten, and Jamie Chung is the more popular Jamie, and she's a girl.

Jamie Foxx is the only somewhat cool person, but I mostly remember him being goofy in the Jamie Foxx show.

Unless your a girl, Jamie seems to be an kind of an embarrassing name to have. I've always associated it with getting your pants pulled down in public, revealing your white boxer shorts with hearts on htem.

No to Jamie at all costs, unless God him/herself tells me that naming my kid Jamie will directly lead to cure cancer, AIDS, world hunger, and fans of Ayn Rand and Ronald Reagan.

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