Just a blog inspired by everyday happenings and conversations with my mom, who is 4 foot 8, a nurse in South Central Los Angeles, and kind of hilarious and my lil bum sister who is a lil baby engineering student at UCR.

I've been wondering about whether I'd live the "traditional" get a job, get married kind of life, and it's appealing, so sometimes I think about what I'd name my kid. It started out as being a way to see how my somewhat traditionalist, yet unconventional lil mom would react to some of the odd names I've chanced upon in popular and public culture.

Ever since I was a kid, I wondered how names come to fit the people that take them. Would I have turned out with an extra-long nose if my name was Ezekiel? Or if I was named Omar, would I have these huge eyes like Omar Epps?

Let's begin!

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